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Along with the policy briefs that the WFGM published nationally and locally, we have deepened our partnership with the Women’s Funding Network to actively engage women’s funds across the country in key policy debates, including information sessions, op-ed and letter writing campaigns, meeting with policy makers and grant-making. We have emphasized the linkage between our national work and the on-the-ground work of our grantee partners and the women they serve. We have conducted a series of policy meetings and forums that bring together our extensive network of opinions leaders. Discussions with policy experts and key staff of the Obama administration including the White House Council for Women and Girls, has solidified the validity and timeliness of our work and the national agenda.





Our Advocacy in Action

The Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis along with its sister funds from the Tennessee Women's Fund Alliance are working on the front lines to end human trafficking in Tennessee. The state took a lead in the battle against sex trafficking by passing 14 of the most progressive anti-human trafficking legislation in the country.

Learn the details of each bill ...

If you suspect someone is a victim, or you witness activity you believe to be related to sex trafficking, call the Tennessee Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at 1-855-55-TNHTH. Please visit StopSexTraffickingInTN.com for more information.


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Tennessee Leads the Nation with Toughest Human Trafficking Laws

Tennessee has developed a strong legislative agenda to prevent human trafficking.

Shared Hope International is a national organization that supports the development of global, federal and state policies and legislation, rated Tennessee at 93.5 to lead ALL STATES in the nation for tough trafficking laws. See the report card....

Please listen to Kimberly Benson, Director of A Bridge of Hope, talk about her own experience and what she is doing in the Memphis community.