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One of the goals of the Women's Economic Security Campaign (WESC) – a campaign led by the Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis, the Chicago Foundation for Women, the Washington Area Women's Foundation, and the Women's Foundation of California –was to create, strengthen, and protect policies and practices that support the ability of women and their children to achieve economic security. As a part of its work WESC commissioned both national and local/regional research briefs on specific policy issues that impact the well-being of low-income women.

The Power of Gender-Based PhilanthropyTaking Care of Our CaretakersChildcare as an Investment for the Future2011 Shelby County Health Report Card
Child Care MattersHow Can TANF Better Serve Tennessee's Single MothersAiming Higher

Building Economic Security: The Power of Gender-based Philanthropy

The report documents the importance of women funds and their unique position to leverage financial resources targeting policies and services that specifically support women and children.

Taking Care of Our Caretakers: Elevating the Standard of Living for Child Care Workers

The job of the child care worker remains low status, with poor wages, few benefits, and high levels of employee turnover, forcing women who are child care workers to work for wages that do not reflect their real contributions to society. This report examines the reasons for the plight of child care workers and offers suggestions for improvement.

Childcare as an Investment for the Future 

This report briefly reviews the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Child Care Assistance Program and other government sponsored child care subsidies in Tennessee, and provides a snapshot of child care in the Memphis community.

2011 Shelby County Women’s Health Report Card 

In an effort to assess the health of women in Shelby County, CROW partnered with the Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis and the Ozanne Customer Analytics Group of West Haven, Connecticut, to create a health report card. Using the most current data available, grades were given in areas such as reproductive health, preventative medical practices and chronic illness. Grades were assessed using the national Healthy People 2020* goals.

Child Care Matters: Building Economic Security for Low-Income Women

The third in a series of WESC briefs, this report provides an overview of why quality early care and education is vital to improving economic security for low-income women. 

How Can the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Better Serve Tennessee's Single Mothers? 

This report briefly reviews gender poverty disparity, provides basic overviews of the TANF and Families First programs, and discusses the importance of viewing welfare reforms through a gendered lens.

Aiming Higher: Removing Barriers to Education, Training and Jobs 

The second in a series of WESC briefs, this report argues for an increased focus on policy initiatives that would provide low-income women with the help they need to secure good, family-supporting jobs. 

Creating Opportunity for Women in the Green Economy

The first in a series of WESC briefs, this report features green job opportunities, identifies barriers to women in accessing those jobs and provides recommendations for policymakers and for philanthropy.

WFGM also supports research on issues that affect women in the greater Memphis area and then acts as a catalyst for strengthening the community by building on these research findings.

The Foundation disseminates critical information through press releases, guest editorials, newsletters, our website and public forums and mobilizes forums to encourage dialogue among key constituents and subsequent action to address women's needs – e.g., in health, and opportunities for economic self-sufficiency. We strive to strengthen women's voices on boards throughout our community and provide leadership for local nonprofits serving women and girls as well as representation on the national board of the Women’s Funding Network.